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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

a name for the supercult

I've been looking all over for the highly publicized Japanese websites'. I'm not finding any. Maybe I am but they're in Japanese and I can't figure what they're on about - is that possible? Shouldn't they have an english version too? Are my rights being dealt a blow here?

Google trumpets a massive 15,100,000 entries for 'suicide websites' and I can't find one tiny little functioning one? What am I missing? I am forced to tell you that they are not that easy to find.

What is the use of having a brand new supercult, if we have nothing to aim for? I guess I can make up new rules. Specifically excluding internet suicide interaction might be a start, but such a pity, I can't help but think of all the fun that could be had, meet in a chatroom -the ultimate 'arms length' environment,- exchange a few pics, perhaps even some web cam stuff, meet, and get the job done.

Post the photos on Flickr - before and after ones - and see who else wants to go.

Fact is it needs to remain true to original intention - convincing people to pair off and top themselves - but recent and pending legislation in Australia aims at fines of up to $110,000 for inciting suicide, so let's get it clear here that no one is inciting you - more like, if you happen to already have been incited then we think we should be on the top of the list for publishing rights. Just so long as you understand that. I don't. But you do.

Now that we got that out of the way...

Everyone has access to your average cult, the ones that seem to want to groove on together, the 'elder' usually getting his pick of the children of the followers, usually the pick of the wives as well, and then 'bang' all gone in a matter of minutes after drinking industrial strength weedkiller.

We've had heaps of those, Jim Jones being the stand out for such good style. Waco, not so much style but plenty of flame, all this has been done before, it's time for a new age solution, and it lies in an internet suicide pact.

Getting it done as Cybersuicide (I already tried to register it as a trademark but it's not available) offers all the benefits of real time video streaming of the actual happening thing (probably a bit boring watching people sitting in cars with charcoal burners going), we should be looking at some sort of video chat as well, maybe get people to send them encouragement - sparking a new line of 'have a happy suicide' ecards, pick the one you want, click right here and away it goes. Might have to set up another PayPal account to handle those transactions. Figure for the price (yet to be decided) that it's only fair the sender gets to view live cam coverage of them receiving their very own ecard.

All too good to be true.

The logistics of all this are becoming a major frustration, I have other, living things to do, I'm learning Maya, I'm leaving for New Zealand in a week, I want to get back in the kite buggy when I get back, I've got projects coming out of my ears.

There's still the PostSecret thing to get up and running, all sorts of things, so I don't have a lot of time to make this particular thing happen, and remember, we're not allowed to advocate any of this, after all, who wants to be tagged as a suicide encourager.

Doesn't alter the fact that we still need a name for the cult. After all, this is your cult, so why am I doing all the work?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

the factory is open

Propaganda Factory indeed.

Behold, the latest iteration in the series, designed not to please and delight you, not to send you shuddering with delight, pink around the edges, in search of something, anything, anyone, to share your find with.

Simply a design for the gratification of one individual, me, Wilson.

My own gratification is important - far more important than your's. Just the same as you think your satisfaction is paramount in your life, even if it is a dank, festered place somewhere deep in your brain, I think exactly the same thing.

The difference is I am honest about it. I advertise it. I claim it as my divine right. This blog is living proof.

With this blog we claim the right to disseminate all manner of propaganda, all the more to misinform you, to confuse you, to eventually take over your mind, and having taken over your mind we promise to take over you very existence, to reduce you to our level, which is about as low as you have seen or been.

Suicide is an option for you. Perhaps you would prefer self immolation. It's one area we prefer you to have your own opinions on, anything else and we'll be handling it for you.

Monday, March 07, 2005

tell me about..

I will never be able to give up Google as a search engine. Google and I have discovered some amazing things. Google checks my spelling, Google searches for images, Google functions as a pseudo thesaurus as well.

But, there is another kid on the block, not anyone out to try and replace Google, but a brand new service called which belongs to GuruNet.

You get there, you're faced with one box, labeled 'Tell me about'. You type anything you want to know about in there and stand back, because it's going to come back with some serious answers for you.

The only problem I have with the thing is that all throughout the text of the answer (spell corrected if necessary, by the way), are links to other topics, and naturally I have to check them out too. What it means for me is I not only get the answer, I get knowledge on another 50 subjects at the same time. I have been known to sit there for hours following it's links to other stuff, and from there to yet more - you could literally spend the entire day getting the answer.

In short time, perhaps even today, I will put the search box on the sidebar here. Use it, ask questions, see what it can do for you.

I remain impressed.

I should mention it's also the place that caused the outburst below about the 'Heaven's Gate' imbecilles causing me to have to create a cult especially for me, which I believe I may have termed 'a bold new suicidal adventure' that I was hoping to be able to take misguided fools on. Still do.

And, it dutifully wheeled out the goods on Lennon killer Mark David Chapman, when I got distracted while looking up 'Catcher In The Rye' by Salinger.

At this point you are supposed to ask what I was doing looking up Salinger. Fact is I wasn't, I was testing to see if it would be able to pick up the entire title of a book, and I just happened to us Catcher In The Rye as a test.

Go there, use this good tool. I insist.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

and I thought I was not too well...

It's amazing the things you find when you're not looking for them.
The Earth's present "civilization" is about to be recycled - "spaded under" - in order that the planet might be refurbished. The human "weeds" have taken over the garden and disturbed its usefulness beyond repair.
I knew something was about to happen but I didn't realize we were all due for the spade.
This is the story from the 'Heavens Gate' people - you may remember them, you may not. This was a group of people who managed to get Nike sponsorship for a mass suicide in California round 1997.

It seems we should have taken more notice of them - they knew something we didn't - namely; if you want to get on the inside running for a good seat on the next spaceship going by, as they always are, you need to drink poison and wear brand new sneakers.
The human kingdom was designed (created) as a stepping stone between the animal kingdom and the Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human (the true Kingdom of God).
The bugger of it all is that I didn't know about it beforehand. Now I'm stuck here as a lowly human, when, if I had played my cards right I could have been 'Level Above Human'

I reinventing the whole thing, right down to the purple blankets. Seems to me we need to get off the planet (something I do on a regular basis without having to wait for a spaceship)- we need to get ready for the next spaceship. Instructions will follow. Somewhere. Soon.
I have to write them first.

Stand by to join a new cult, a bold new suicidal adventure picking up where all the others left off.

Jim Jones, eat your heart out, Marshall Herff Applewhite, stand back in awe, I am about to invent the 'supercult', not one of your fairy little backyard things, I'm talking entire countries, entire populations. Lets go for the Guinness Records. I'm looking for minimum 1500 people (about the same amount of USA forces people who have died trying to maintain a battle that they should never have been in, and will never win), maximum - who cares?

We obviously have plenty of spare people to get rid of, we've watched it happen in Iraq, Bosnia, anywhere in the former USSR, everywhere we have seen mass death, so it can't be too much of a stretch to get a few hundred thousand willing participants.

The solution to getting the numbers, I think, would be to convince the people we were going to war. We don't need to ask who with, or what for, we never bothered to ask that over the last 15 years as the US and it's 'allies' blundered and plundered it's UN mandated way through Europe, through the Gulf, anywhere they felt they had a higher calling.

I'm changing all that, I want the same amount of people lost to recent wars lined up, Nikes on, suitcases packed ready to go for the next spaceships arrival - late April.

Start making the lists people, start deciding who is going to stay and who is coming.

Leave the elderly and the infirm, they're going to die anyway, what we want is the heart and soul of the planet.

Young, fit, vital people, people who are ready for a change, people who are looking for something new, this is it, this is 'The Zoetrope Family Gathering' where we will all join hands and die slowly.

Let's do it - interested parties should contact me to arrange a suitability interview.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

and then there were two

Propagandafactory, a division of Zoetrope Imagineering makes it's debut today, here on Blogger for the very first time.