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Friday, July 29, 2005

Tasers to the rescue

Electricity done dirt cheap
And about time too.

- the ultimate weapon when you're not allowed to shoot someone in the head.

Just a bit tricky to use safely if the victim happens to be carrying a bomb, but a bloody good idea if they're not. Don't need a reason to use one - just give 'em a shot for having a name like the one they got in London had.

Give a bit to their family members as well, just so they remember ya.

It looks like a weapon (aid) a man should invest in - quick shot up the latest hawkers arse should start slowing down the dimwits that turn up at the door - hell, it might even be fun to wack yourself with one.

I'm thinking that the Brits are getting on top of this in a big way - no loud postulating wankers, just the quiet, behind the scenes machinations of a very efficient service. One that all Englanders should be proud of.

IRA hangs up the boots
Thanks for the many years of entertainment , I've followed your career for a hell of a long time.

I've studied your for a real long time. I've admired your commitment and dedication.

I loved the move from bomb maker to polly - probably the most honest transition I have ever seen. You and made them sit up and take notice - for decades.

I have to say I'm pleased to see the weapons go. I also have to say I don't think it will last. I've seen it before. You've seen it before.

The killing and maiming was horrific. It was also mutual, something they seem to forget.

I can't say I condoned it all, but anyone, and I mean anyone, has to admit you and your blokes has a commitment that transcended anything that we are being bombarded with on a daily basis nowadays.

Good luck with it - I hope it lasts.

So do the English.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

London again

Paki lame brains strike
Looks like we have a parade of copy cats in . Either that or these Paki bastards are dumber than the usual lot.

It's something to do with wearing your clothes on your head, I'm convinced of that.

Woke to the news that London had been bombed again - this time by bombers who failed to get to heaven. There goes the virgins boys, you have to turn to mince before you get the virgins. Small pops coming out of your backpack does not an explosion make.


The Brits are used to this sort of bullshit - they put up with decades of more imaginative stuff from the .

IRA showed how it's supposed to be done.
The IRA didn't need to send off people to be suicide bombers, hell, they drove a van to Whitehall, opened up the back doors and lobbed mortar rounds at Downing Street for gods sake. Now that's serious shit. None of this hiding down in the underground, these blokes were out in broad daylight, doing the business.

These blokes need to realise that they have to do better than what they have managed so far - a couple of piss weak little bombs jammed in the underground.

The IRA used entire car loads of explosives - nothing as insignificant as a backpack for those boys.

They used three tons of explosive for Canary Wharf. Try fitting that in a backpack you spineless facing, arse wipes.

They had a clearly defined mission, they didn't need bribing with 'virgins in heaven' thing, they had true belief, they had an executive that had done the work, had the experience.

Time to bomb Mecca
The Paki leaders seem to be really keen on offering up other people, but not themselves. Seems to me they don't believe in leading by example, instead inciting and then hiding.

I don't remember any behavior like that from the IRA.

I am pleased to read that the crowd took out some of their frustrations on one of the “almost” bombers as they ran, like the cowards they are, out of the tube.

Pity really that they let him live at all.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Symantec do me - again

Bombers in London making life hell so what do Symantec do?(Symantec - home of Norton products of dubious effectiveness, 'almost' anti virus solutions - you know the joint - jammed on to almost every new computer on the planet.)

Symantec decide to launch an attack on my sanity the same day.

Symantec products are known to be a touch dubious - ask anyone who has tried to uninstall one of their products and they will tell you it's like pulling teeth.

My brush with the product 'suite' began when the right click menu - the context menu - decided to simply not include an option to scan the file with NAV.

Strange - but Symantec products do these things, so, having nothing better to do for the entire day we decided to brave a visit to the knowledge base that Symantec wants you to get lost in until you forget your original problem and leave them alone.

Naturally there was mention of the very same problem, naturally because there is mention of every problem you could ever have with a product - they have had them all at one point or another.

A result, I surmise of rushing stuff into production release before anyone has really checked it - think Microsoft and the hourly release of security patches to cover the massive holes they leave in all their software.

Naturally the suggested solution didn't work because the suggested solutions never work, they are just put there to fill in a space before they send you to 'plan B' which ALWAYS involves a reinstall. (Which never works.)

I even applied my own knowledge of context menu items to the problem, to no avail.

After a good hour or two in the maw of Symantec I was forced to conclude that they are the same, they will always be that way, and no one in their right mind would willingly install any one of their products on any machine anywhere.

Solution: After disabling as much of Norton as possible - remember - never - NEVER try and uninstall a Symantec product if you value your machine, and that includes that odd folder in application data with 4325 files in it, with a combined size of 110Mb, where was I?, after all that, and 100 reboots, I downloaded and installed a copy of AVG Free Edition, which took a total of approx 10 minutes, set it up, ran it, and was pleasantly surprised to see it identify and remove a positive exe I disabled and kept in the System32 folder to check virus scanners. (Norton never did find it.)

Result: A functioning right click option to scan anything, and a more dependable solution all round.

Symantec may have won if I take into account the fact that I am midway through a years subscription, but I feel confident I will manage to exact revenge, in a similar fashion to the last time they did me when a subscription on a '98 machine lapsed, and after being paid failed to ever work again, even after a total of 2 entire working days, 40 emails and numerous phone calls being put into it.

Revenge was mine then, it will be mine now.

4 Ragheads down - millions to go


They seem to think that 4 British born ragheads are responsible for the London bombings.

They found bits of three of them in amongst the wreckage, obviously not enough to put them back together again, even if it would have been an improvement on their original design.

Nice to see those poor dumb bastards are still of the belief that they will get an inside running into heaven if they arrive there looking like they've just been run through a meat grinder.

One thing I can't understand - why don't we ever see the involvement of some of the elders of the outfit? Why don't we see one of these no hands, one eye types in there, carrying a bomb? How come they are all young blokes? What religion makes their youth expendable?

One security source called then men who had carried out the suspected suicide bombing as the "expendable ammunition of a terrorist weapon", said BBC correspondent Rory MacLean.
Nice to see how brave the organizers of these sorts of things are, managing to run and hide well before the drama begins, hiding behind the shield of religion, hiding being the operative word.

Now we sit back and here the collective wailing of a religion that claims it is victimized and misunderstood.

It's not. We have just been tolerant of the bastards for too long.

Jam pork in a raghead's mouth today, spray raghead institutions (bomb factories - suicide bomber recruiters?) with pig blood - watch them run, enjoy the moment.

Supply me with a compelling reason not to.

Friday, July 08, 2005

London's burning

Good concert Bob. Sir Bob. Top line up. Top idea.

Focus the World's attention on for the time they are there, hopefully manage to force some form of agreement out of the participants, stuck, as they were, in the spotlight shining from .

The plan was good. No way anything could upstage that.

Until, that is, the raghead brigade managed to get loose in London and create hell on the streets and in the Underground for people who were simply normal citizens going about their normal lives.

It's nice to see such a militant group go after such a soft target as commuting citizens, for here we see the true colours of the ever pontificating, but rarely active “cells”, these are the cream of the crop, these Holy fighters, these brave people who would rather take the easy way out and attack the public, when just a few hundred miles up the road was a meeting of the leaders of the eight most powerful countries in the World.

The only conclusion we are able to draw from that fact is that the alleged holy fighters were/are, too scared of getting involved with a real protectorate, too scared to attempt a full frontal attack, terrified they might not be able to manage enough headline space with a futile attack on the very seat of the G8 conference. More terrified, I suspect, that they might be gone long enough to miss an episode of Coranation Street.

Spain was the same. Brave gents managed to stop shaking in their collective boots long enough to place a few devices on the rail, causing, as in London, loss of innocent life, loss of freedom, losses that they could not even have imagined, or cared about.

The pattern is starting to emerge.

The attacks must be on the soft targets, the attacks are not in any sense a true, face to face attack, but leaning ever more to the “plant and run” method, one where they get to scuttle back out of harms way, back to whatever shithole they came from, these holy freedom fighters.

Why do I know they will be retreating to a shithole? Because the great “full length shirt” wearing bravehearts, the ones constantly cowering in the general direction of Mecca, ever faithful to something they don't even understand themselves, but quite willing to be lead by the nose by a handful of (usually handless) zealots, always seem to manage to turn anywhere they live into a shithole.

If you gave them Hyde Park they would turn it into a shithole, if you gave them the Palace they would turn it into a shithole, it's natural, they're dirty, they're gross, and they're cowards.

If you need proof have a look at where they came from, have a look at what they were so desperate to leave. See what I mean? They come from shitholes, you have to expect that they would manage to do the same to anywhere they managed to skulk their way into.

Bob, Sir Bob, the catch phrase should have been “kill a raghead today”, you would have had more success.

And so, I humbly suggest — make your city cleaner, kill a raghead today.

holidays over, arrows arrive

The school holidays officially ended this week. Naturally the kids didn't go back on the Monday because here in the “education free state” we have what is called a pupil free day before things begin to happen.

I have never run into a pupil free day society before, perhaps they exist everywhere, but I suspect they may only be a local aberration.

The idea, as far as I am able to understand, is to have a day where the teachers go to school, without the pupils, and we have one after each holiday, and on other occasions where they can't think of any reason at all.

We are to believe that there is so much more to education now that these pupil free days are necessary to keep teachers up to date with things. Funny indeed that we older lot all had a better education than the current crop who seem to be scuffing their way through the system without actually learning anything.

Especially lacking are their ability to communicate - both by spoken (mumbled?) word and by written word. All I see from our eldest is his total inability to write decently, or even legibly, a product, we are told, of a schooling system that believes there is nothing to be gained by being able to write.


The have arrived. They made it all the way over here to arrive intact and complete with a DVD of assorted arrow people doing “arrow things ”. The entire yellowarrow thing is looking good — the uptake in Europe looks particularly good, now all we have to do is get it going in Australia.

I note that there is already moves for an Australian site -, which is still hanging out a placeholder until they get a site up and running.

All we have to do now is get out there and get some of the places documented.

Shouldn't be too hard, I have, after all, been in for the last 20+ years, and I figure I've had a reasonable glimpse of the place during that time.

Be aware that there will be another battery of “ barcode posts” — I've become rather enamored with the idea. We have so far had reports of people trying to scan their screen, and, ever so slightly more sensible, printing the entire page and taking it into any place that has a barcode scanner.

I can only imagine.