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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The great Orkut accepts us

It had to happen eventually. We finally get an invitation to join the mystical , described on the site as:
Orkut is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends.

We are committed to providing an online meeting place where people can socialize and make new acquaintances who share their interests.
Being essentially a closed, invitation only community, the interest in joining is immense—something I wasn't aware of until looking around the net at the amount of traffic the question of Orkut generates. Amazing.

Anyway, by fair means or foul, we managed to rate enough to get an invitation and subsequently joined the hallowed portals of Orkut.

What's it like? Well, it seems very much like , on steroids. There appears to be some 9 million members now, thousands of communities, covering any topic you can think of. That's about all I know right now, but it looks promising.

In the spirit of the people who are going to the trouble of supplying invitations to as many people as possible, find below a form for sending an invite request to me. Fill in the details, send it in and I will reciprocate with an invite.

This has to be for a limited time.
Orkut - the invitation
Your name:

Your email address:

Be aware, I am on holiday for the next two weeks. I should still be getting the mail on a daily basis, and will get the invites out as quickly as possible. There are a heap of other ways to get an invite - try Googling about and you will run into them.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Buggy time again

School holidays revolt me
But, the good bit is they will be over at the end of next week. We made it through this week, Yvonne always seems to find something for the day care children to do - this holiday her youngest son is away camping and the older one is cruisin', too cool to be spoken to, which just leaves the other bastards.

End of next week it won't matter a shit. They will all be going for two weeks, including her own two, for us to have annual holidays. Good stuff, something to look forward to, something to crave for.

our holidays
We won't be able to go to far away - as you know the cat will require our company every day and the cleaning jobs, little though they are, still need to be done.

Everything else - sites, content, scripting, video, whatever it is, if it's not done by the end of the week it won't get done until I get back.

Almost all web stuff is ok, the Brackleberry Gully site up and running in a beta configuration, waiting for the owner to find me some more content.

The web streaming thing now on hold anyway, awaiting some more reliable method to connect to the media encoder. The idea of outside broadcast to a streaming server has been great for live events as the stats are showing. Getting to the stage now where we need to look at getting equipped with a fully mobile rig, including the uplink stuff, and possible even some vj stuff to give the option of a live mix as well, if not at the same time.

It can all wait.

buggy time
Holidays mean several things: the annual search for a pair of Sperry Topsiders (about the only nautical connection I have is the fact the fact that I love deck shoes),that actually fit me, the annual pig out of steak, eggs, chips and bacon, the annual trip over to the north side to dine at Gino's pizza joint, all the things we never seem to find the time to do.

Holidays also mean the buggy is back, and back with a vengeance.

I haven't been in it more than 4 times this year, and it's September already - not acceptable.

Much against the advice of the kite gods who sneer wildly at the thought, I am considering buying an old Peter Lynn CQuad, which should cause a frenzy, but 'bang for buck' is so much more with them.

I'm also looking at converting the ancient Peter Lynn Ngen killer kite to a bar control system.

Meantime, holidays, and we will be seen at all the beaches, most of the parks (especially the one down the Gold Coast, on the spit, where all the Asian ladies seem to hang out - hell, might as well have some eye candy too.

Stand by for the buggy. It's here, it's now, and I am happy to be able to get back in it.

update blues

Bigger than Katrina.

Macromedia update their product range. We upgrade Dreamweaver and Flash Pro - some surprising advances included in Flash. Ability to add Flash video (FLV) in one click through Dreamweaver is good, that would be after processing it in the now included video encoder, a step up from the last one I have to admit.

The week has been an update kind of time: we indulged Microsoft with the installation of Service Pack 2, renewed tow truck drivers license, renewed cab drivers license, reinstalled Norton, again, updated to Dreamweaver 8, updated to Flash 8 Pro, and, just for something completely different, subjected ourselves to an endoscopy and a colonoscopy, punishment for all those years of having a good time.

The best of the them was the tow license, something I keep, renewed every year (Transport don't let you have more than one year at a time so confident are they that you will get a conviction that disallows your license within the space of the year), with great fanfare, requiring a trip into town to get the application signed, lunch with a few of the older drivers, good times had by all.

It has, over the years, become more of a tradition than anything else. Even though we all live in the same city it is not unusual to see some of the drivers only once a year.

Towing and I go back a long way. Back to the times when it was a requirement to be a thug, carry a gun, or both, just to get a tow. Fights breaking out at accident scenes, trucks tampered with, gear stolen, it all seemed to happen then.

If you survived the accident scene and were lucky enough to get a tow, the good part started. Not content with the towing fee, the panel shop was forced to contribute to the drivers fund as well, that being the understanding of the time.

Then came the matter of the “second tow”, being the transporting of the damaged vehicle to the actual panel shop from the 'holding yard'.

The fact that each panel shop had a holding yard never seemed to make a difference, there was still a tow to be paid for, even if the vehicle could be driven into the shop.

We all got cleaned up by a royal commission into the towing industry that found that we were all thugs and standover merchants. That was about the extent of it - business as usual.

I digress, off on a romantic side track, reminiscing about the good old days, a sign of getting old.

What was I on about?


Software updates.

A man could spend all his life updating software, for no reason other than to stop support geeks telling you they can't help you if you not running the latest version of whatever.

Driving a tow truck, extracting dead burnt bodies from wrecks, using stand over techniques sounds like a much more fun thing to do.