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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

True to the resolution

: to slow down and enjoy life
As I can see given the time frame between posts I have managed the 'slow down' thing without too many problems. Got through Christmas. Got through New Year. Made 102,000 resolutions. Everything from killing the neighbors to getting Richard Branson to hire me as a personal assistant. Not a lot of them have happened yet. There's still time.

One that did seem to stick was the self promise to slow down a bit, leave the machine alone a bit more often, get outside a bit more. It's happening. Happening a bit too well in some cases where paid work has been left hanging. I'm blaming designers block, if there is such a thing. If there wasn't there is now. I figure a bit of temperamental behavior will do no harm. I spent last year jumping for people the second they stammered some half arsed, not thought out, badly designed 'idea'. And the rest of it fixing the same half witted vague 'wishes', the 'could yous' we call them. The minute you hear anyone say 'I was just wondering..', you know it's a minimum week long slog which will produce not one drop of satisfaction in them, or me.

seriously good news
A good start to the year, and it wasn't a resolution. It was however a fervent desire. The Weapons Bureau have considered my case (Show cause - lapsed financial membership of an approved pistol club), and it has been duly considered, and found that I did indeed meet the requirements, and therefore get to keep my concealable license. Oh, Yes! Thank you. It was a nervous wait for an outcome, with an unfavorable one likely to cause me all manner of disruption, not to mention cost.

They were good enough to find in my favor. I figure I don't need another brush with them, as we have some seriously onerous laws here concerning firearm licenses, so for insurance against another disaster I am this week off to join another club as well just to make sure. This one is a clay / skeet / trap shooting outfit, a discipline I have always been into.
Another good sign for 2006.

the outdoor life..
.. that I have embraced naturally includes plenty of sunlight in the form of kite buggy racing at any worthwhile location I can find. Doctors orders. Get out and about a bit or I'll sedate you even more. I'm doing it. I'm losing skin all over the place from sunburn on sunburn, I'm greasy all the time from sunblock on sunblock, and I'm attaining some outrageous speeds with the well mention JoJo RM, a kite that is simply a rocket.

Not quite outdoor, considering it's an indoor pool, but already we have maintained a serious lap rate for the beginning of 2006 - cumulating in last weeks record - 70 laps in a session - 3.5 klm of freestyle. Now if only I can get over the urge to try and better it each time I go down there.

The latest yellowarrow project is up and running. We're part of the 'Map Out 2006' project, and it's looking good. Sunday we traversed the city catching pics of the stuff we want to show people. They're uploaded now, most of them anyway, and you can find the entire thing here at yellowarrow. I was surprised to note that things associated with the Brisbane River and the ferries occupied so much of my interest. Go there. Look. Become a part of it. You're not doing anything else if you're reading this - are you?