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Thursday, April 20, 2006

go here, now..

create damage
The DAMAGE site, launched in early March, is now showing clear signs of "damage." Visitors, invited to "submit a message, quote, love letter or rant on the topic of damage" have responded in surprisingly open and personal ways. The writing in this anonymous, web-based space evokes the uninhibited tone of graffiti scrawled on bathroom walls. Messages are starting to show signs of dialogue as well, with questions asked in one message answered by another.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

the thing about CS

Not content with paint ammo
It seems the armed forces who occupy our very own abandoned mental prison, featured many times here, and the site of an original CD hunt, not content with firing paint rounds all over the place,

and blowing the doors off the place, have moved up a notch since I was last there.

Lacking anything 'Easterish' to do yesterday I slid out to the place to see if anyone had managed to find the CD. It's only been there for a month or more, but this is Brisbane, and things do take time here after all.

There was no doubt that there had been more action out there. We knew two weeks ago when we went to check and I found I was smelling pepper, and had savagely irritated eyes and throat, after a wander down one of the more recently 'attacked' areas. Figured, but couldn't find any proof, that it was a reside of something anti social they had been trying out.

The proof was there this time - I had almost forgotten about that amazingly aggressive attack on my sinus, until I found many 12 gauge shells labeled 'Ferret SGA-100, Liquid CS' lying about the place.

A quick look on Google explains that the round is the ideal size for dislodging someone from a room, or other confined environment. Certainly dislodged me from the place those few weeks ago. CS gas, delivered by shotgun. Remind me to give up peacefully next time I start a siege - my minor brush with the stuff, possibly days old, was enough to convince me it is efficient.

I naturally had to bring home a few shells for proof.

After all, it's not everyday you get to CS yourself.

Bitching stuff I have to say - goes straight to work on the eyes, nose, throat, making staying in the immediate area not an option. And all this on the residue alone.

They (the mysterious they, we presume, are some type of response unit) have also been having a good time with breaching charges, if evidence left is anything to go by. The remaining doors of the wing they had been working in had been removed with something powerful enough to break the hinges. Not bend, but break. Leaving a rather tell tale powder burn all over the place. Another toy I don't want to get on the wrong side of.

It would appear in time there will not be a lot of the 'spookiness' left at the rate they are blowing the doors off the place.

The news on the CD however, is, it still exists.

After what looks like an entire army division had thundered through armed to the teeth, covering the place with debris, several minor graffiti would be artists have wandered about 'tagging' the location, and a few nosy ones like me had been through, the CD still exists. Still in the same place. Amazing.

This is a location that exists on Yellow Arrow, several blog entries, features on Waymarking sites with it's exact coordinates, features on later editions of the same CD, and no one manages to find it?

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

and a video too..

Too easy by far
Not because you deserve it. Simply because I am currently obsessional about video - mini video - mobile phone video to be precise. That's the only reason you're getting this. I've even left the name on the thing - it won't help you.

This miniature approximation of a video may well help you when you get into the building. It may not. Your problem.
Click the image to play this huge video;

Which, believe it or not, will give you some assistance when you get to the place - believe me knowing the layout can be very helpful the first time you walk into that place - (giggles wildly).

Play it - shit, go completely mad, download it into your phone, that way you can carry a little piece of us with you where ever you go - but study it.

Why are you getting this huge boost? I told you already - I'm in love with mobile video this week. Last week it was barcodes - next week I hope it's redheads.

communication breakdown
I've decided to have a rest from talking to people. Again. That means I'm over emails. Again.

I gotta concentrate on the biking - losing a few more kilos before visiting GLLD(Good Looking Lady Doctor), before she goes to Italy on holiday for a month. I have to produce some evidence of weight loss. She didn't think last month's 900 grams was a real good result.

I gotta concentrate on re doing the site as well - after all, that's where this grungy video thing came from.

I gotta bang out a few more arrows too.

Facts are - this is the way to get a message to me:
Go to yellowarrow, find my arrows. Search for arrow n4f0x. Add a text message. Simple. Here's   the complete URL.

Other thing you can do is, on your mobile phone, send a message, beginning with n4f0x! (remember the exclamation mark) to +16462705537, which will message my phone.

Other than that you could try shouting.

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