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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Drama - inactivity causes brain meltdown

too much time on my hands
And, out of nowhere I decide we should have a monument of some description, aligned to the sun - we're talking Stonehenge here, or, more specifically the burial mound on Anglesey which I ran across while luxuriating in the wonder that is BBC World News. I am informed that it is aligned to catch the sun rising on the summer solstice.

Seemed like a good idea to me.

Yvonne won't let me build a burial mound in the back yard - not even when I explained it would be a major discovery in 5000 years or so. Looks like I'll have to a higher power.

If the people who maintain the lake down the road can commission a scrap iron dragon that sits in the lake and spouts water they can surely be talked in to a monument that will only be worth visiting in 5000 years.

This has naturally caused a flurry of activity on the internet while I go about the process of finding an easy way of finding when the sun is in the right place.

The idea is that I should set about designing a 'thing' that I imagine will be set in stone - lets say bronze should be cast into a rebate in the stone, and this bronze structure, cast into the stone, should somehow form some sort of aiming device. An aiming device which, at pre calculated times in the future, would allow the sun to indicate an exact place on.. something else.

This is why it is necessary to keep me busy with things that expend energy, like biking and swimming, the better to keep me from bouncing around and discovering ridiculous things that need planning / designing / huge money spent on them. I was not designed to be left in charge of my own mind.

I have long fancied the idea of a Krytos sculpture - complete with an encrypted message, but follow the link and you will find how many others pieces the artist has done.

Back to the sun, and it appears that many people have an interest in knowing the position of the sun at times in the future and past for there is a massive collection of software available promising to do everything I want it to do and more - naturally.

The requirements are, obviously, knowing the angle the sun is shining from, and knowing the azimuth, (yes, I do know what that is) then, the way I see it, all that 'the artist formerly known as Wilson' has to do is line the bugger up at the precalculated angles and wait for the time when it will reveal the rest of the installation.

If you're around in a few thousand years and at a loose end you might want to call in and see it when the time is right.

I only hope it's a fine day as we have yet to formulate something that will work without the sun.

You see what happens when I have to sit inside too long?

We are currently taking (large) donations for the construction of this piece - naturally.
You feel the need to speak, grab your microphone and leave me a message at Odeo.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

To do..

the definitive list
It's getting untidy in here - in this brain. Too many things happening at once. Too many tangents. Been a bit unwell - that slows me down, but I'm back up again.

Frenzy in the mind - serious speed in the thought processes, not always sensible, almost never connected, related..
Handgun license
Running out of time to get it in order. Here in gun shy Australia we have to maintain membership of an 'approved facility' (sounds like an extermination camp) to be able to keep our licenses. The last place I belonged managed to go broke, not helped at all by the bad publicity of people lining up in a shooting lane and then swallowing their gun. Two went that way.

Have found a place somewhat closer that seems to offer exactly what I want - to be able to shoot when I feel like it. I'll check it out next week, but it's looking good. Only other choice is the Gold Coast, and they cater to tourists and wankers down there which can be a bit much for me.

site reboot
It's getting to that time again. I didn't manage to get anything to come together for a fresh site look. Plenty of ideas. Too many actually - reams of paper all over the place with half baked ideas, scribbles, directions - all stacked... somewhere.

Pretty much decided, in outright defiance of the new 'Web 2' ethic, that it should be a gratuitous splash of Flash, a hard loading, Flash Video powered monster thing. No gradients, no twee plastic text effects. Back to unwieldy, unwelcome, 'Flash for the sake of it'. Should send usability 'experts' into a huff.

Getting in the mood appears to be the handicap around here.

the buggy
Seems to be some time since we have managed a serious run in the buggy. Autumn and winter are traditionally pretty patchy in the wind department, but that is no excuse not to be out there. I think originally buggying was suspended while I lost a bit of weight to impress Lady Doctor. Time to 'unsuspend' it.

Nicely placed on the agenda by Fanning who was good enough to go out and buy a 18' Hartley trailer sailer - just the thing we needed to learn the fine art of sailing.

The disappointing thing is the lack of toilet facilities on an 18' yacht. Thems the breaks. I remain confident I will get over that little problem. And, sails are a little bit like kites when all said and done.

photography - stickers
The list grows. More Yellow Arrow shots, more Flagr shots, panoramics of the lake down here and around the area. Pinhole work - time to make a camera - primitive - of our own, get some long exposure shots, looking for that soft effect that has been replaced by the searing sharpness of today's digital offerings.

interactive CD's
More, again. Still. Producing the initial Yellow arrow CD's pointed out that we should be doing the same for ourselves as well. In essence I guess we did - it was a locality specific production after all.

The big plan was/is to have the real site on a CD as well, with connection to the static site when online, to allow for updated news etc. The static site will fit easily onto a CD even with my bloating methods.

Google maps
Where do you start? Have you been taking any notice of Google Maps and all the 'mashups' that have popped up. There is so much that could be done there. I would need another life time to get through all that.

Haven't even managed to design a stencil yet, let alone produce it and get out there and put them up on a few public spots.

Another case of needing another lifetime.

Another case of needing to be younger - I am reasonably sure the stencil world doesn't have too many 50+ members.

building frequencies
Half formed. Don't know how it's going to work. Something there about the mass of those high rises in the city - the stress running through them must appear as a frequency. Do they harbor some harmonic that I can record? How am I going to find it? Can I capture it?

I had originally decided that bridges would be the perfect structure to record, but while I was mulling that over an Australian lady managed to gather a few recordings of bridges - no sense in reinventing the wheel.

And so on..
It goes on, and on..
software, cameras, yachts, buggys, pirate radio..

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