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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bring on the buggy

or, how to keep positive in a negative way
Shoulder blues firmly set in. House bound. In my brain anyway. Feeling a little less useful than I have done in a while.
The list of things you can do with one arm is shorter than you would expect.

I don't see being able to sculpt another 'David' anytime soon.

Rock climbing may be out. Not that I have ever done any.

Time to develop some attainable plans.

There's a stack of power kites sitting in the corner, removed from the car least someone decide they may be useful for them. There's a couple of kite harnesses there too - removed for the same reason.

It's amazing how satisfying I find looking at them, the entire power plant of the kite buggy that's sitting in the garage, waiting for another blast around the bayside parks, around the foreshore at low tide, just as soon as I have two similar arms and shoulders to hang on to the bloody things.
Peter Lynn comp buggy
Long before this unfortunate bike incident I had been planning a buggy outing of some distance.

Not the usual up and down the park, endangering life and limb, scaring the locals, but a one way trip, at low tide, around the foreshore as far as possible.

When beaten by natural boundaries or the incoming tide, the idea was to heave to, pull up on the beach side, phone Yvonne with succinct directions and wait to be picked up.

A noble plan. The first course that I plotted unfortunately required the ability to cross the Brisbane River mouth - a slight oversight. Now we have become much better at driving Google maps we are better placed to plan the mission.

Six months I was told before the shoulder will be back to it's old arthritic self, six months to plot the course, avoid the rivers, swamps, mangrove and whatever else is an impediment in this area of the coast, and many exist.

Seems a long time, but the buggy is not going anywhere, it's not going to become defunct sitting in the garage, it won't get eaten by termites.

Something to look forward to. Something to plan for. They are the things you need to keep in mind while the long process of healing continues.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

The friday post - with real voice

And, just because I can:
The Friday post via mobile phone from Brisbane to Audioblogger in the US, then to your ears, where ever they may be.

Try and show suitable awe please.

this is an audio post - click to play

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mapping the healing process

the damage is done
Now comes the healing. We need a few more ways to pass the time. Visit to specialist yesterday confirms that all is well and I should only have about five or six more weeks in a sling. What! I mean what? How long is this supposed to take?

I know I heard mention of 'months' while I was relaxing myself in hospital, but I figured they would really change their minds, correct what was such an obvious mistake.

Seems it wasn't such a mistake. Not at all.

Are we happy with this? No. Do we have any recourse? No.

Are we fucked then? Yes.

Things to do while shoulder heals
Faced with such sobering news it becomes necessary to find things to do. Things to do for some considerable time.

A good book looms large. A number of good books may be required. Time to try out the well thought of Philip K. Dick, someone I have never read before. I believe he was responsible for the book that spawned the movie Bladerunner, a great favorite of mine.

I could do something helpful and set up the webcam properly. Get it broadcasting. Bore the shit out of people. Or, I could set it up enough to video conference with the great mariner himself - Fanning of the 18' Hartley trailer sailor.

We had been in regular video contact until I needed the camera for another mad project. Using a UserPlane setup that I can recommend. The fact that I look hideous on video seems to be a fact rather than a quirk of the camera - bugger.

I could do something about redesigning the zoetrope site. I have been meaning to for longer than a year. Time does get away.

Wanted to add some FLV Flash video, make it totally impossible to navigate. Give it a fresh outlook. Scare a few passing internet surfers. Too may ideas, too little bandwidth available. Notes all over the place - half formed plans, ideas. Maybe I can spend the 'healing time' doing something with it.

Spend some more time on Flagr - on that very subject, behold, my new map - 'places to crash your bike' - a cathartic piece to keep track of the many dramas I had as a cyclist.

Get the remaining Yellow Arrows up - difficult, some of the venues require the use of both arms - should be able to work something out.

Also should be able to manage some new content for podOmatic, our podcast provider. I am forced to notice that I look bad on their site too. An outlet for my experiments with autocue software. Anything to make it look like I am alive and kicking.

HDR imaging forms some interest too - I won't bore anyone with the explanation, but it will involve waiting until I can get out and about with the camera.

At least I managed to brainstorm a few things to do. Roll on healing time. Just be aware shoulder, as soon as the ok is given you will be hanging under the buggy kites again - with a vengeance. By my calculations that will be around the summer. Summer time is buggy time.
You feel the need to speak, grab your microphone and leave me a message at Odeo.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Flagr - the maps

home work
Major accident - pushbike (me) / parked car. Damage - considerable, enough to make me strat looking for in door projects to pass the months away.

The much mentioned flagr map

Check it out folks - the latest from Flagr. Drag it over to Australia, Brisbane in fact, and explore the place.

Go set up one of your own - Flagr your important spots, places you find significant.

And, just to be completely over the top

Expect a less than invigorating performance.

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