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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Finally back in the pool

let the healing continue - at a greater pace
Finally. Appearance numbers one and two have been made at the pool. My local, indoor, heated facility.

It's been a while. This time last year I was doing up to 10klms a week down there.

Yesterday I managed 10 laps - .5klm - a start I guess. With kickboard; no freestyle allowed. Another month before that happens so they tell me. They being the physio girls that have been valiantly trying to put me back together, make everything work again. Grudgingly they caved on the swimming proposal - we agreed on a kickboard, no arms flapping about. Desperate to get wet I agreed. If nothing else the pool is a haven.

Today was 20 laps - 1klm - serious stuff. Still kickboard. The theory is that I should be toning my legs with this work and hopefully, by association, the shoulders, and arms, and everything else as well.

The brain requires it too. It's been a long time now I have been a self made prisoner, sitting here, day in, day out, waiting.

The crushing blow is that the entire complex is closed next week for a refurbishment. They are changing from salt and chlorine, to straight chlorine, and at the same time refurbishing the surface.

The week after that is the last week of school holidays and then it's into the fourth term, where, we are told, the schools of the area will monopolise the thing up till Christmas. Sad.

There is nothing quite so dulling to the brain as the rumble and squeal of school children. Not to mention the strange smell that always seems to envelope groups of them, and these groups intend leaping in my pool.

So much for the pool being a haven.

We will prevail. There are other pools in the area. Not indoor, and possibly not heated, but in the end they are still full of water, which is all I need.

The recovery rate is expected to rocket when I get in to full freestyle. That's my theory anyway. Seldom have I felt the need for water quite so keenly.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

These arseholes are spammers

arseholes you meet in a typical week - defaults to Danni's - ladies, generally with high milage. - some sort of web email service that can't keep straight. - false address. - this will be a wetback site. - fuck knows what hotmail do - more wank value from AIM, what would we expect?

This is just a sample - anyone wanting to create hell and mayhem around sites that allow their address to be used would be congratulated and made seriously famous.

If you manage to crash one of them let me know here.

Friday, September 01, 2006

That was the week

back in the car
Physio appointment. I actually had to move from this seat.

To get to the physio required a car. The Falcon duly wheeled out and dusted off. First time I have driven anything in nine weeks. Surprised how well it runs until I remembered it had $500.00 of tuning and servicing the day before I came off my bike. Pleased to say the money appears to be well spent; the thing is like a rocket again.

Physio happens
Physio is now on my list of good things to happen to you. Previously I was under the impression that physio was something where people told you what to do, then left you to it. Now we know, after this weeks appointment yielded at least another six inches available movement in my troublesome right arm, that they take a hands on approach to the business. It's amazing how much extra movement she was able to coax out of various bits.

Sold, appointments spanning several weeks are made.

Continuing Twittering
Twitter, mentioned in recent dispatches, continues to captivate me. An SMS based messaging service that enables you to engage multiple friends as well as the web, it is an application that does what it says. Uptake from Australia seems, as usual, to be slow and suspicious.

meanwhile, back at craigslist
An old but enduring application, Craigslist, has been pressed in to service to raise the profile of projects we are current on, Twitter for one, Flagr another, even the recently reported dead Yellow Arrow. Go here brisbane craigslist to see our latest in the series, a Semacode for people to wonder about.

Meanwhile, sisley needs attention
For the fashion conscious we have Sisley. For the pervert, we have Sisley. They do make some lovely adverts, wallpapers and the like, and in addition they have a community site where everyone who thinks they are worth looking at (most of Europe apparently) can upload their photos for all to see. Reminds me a bit of the Benetton video message thing that I had so much fun with.

Naturally I have had to upload photos of just about anything other than myself, the kite buggy, the opium plants, you know the rules.

Here is one of the few entries by a lady who really is worth looking at. Go there, look, upload, compete.

And, that was almost the week.

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