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Monday, November 20, 2006

15 years on

Tarantino does good
15 years they tell me since Reservoir Dogs was released.

Must be a sign of age when you get shocked by how long it been since something...

Sort of a 'I remember when' thing - starting to act as if I'm old now. Reminiscing about things long gone, glossing the minds view of the event up a bit, fresh paint, brighter, louder.

A thing I noticed when last in New Zealand and at the site of one of my childhood swimming pools was that it was, in fact, rather small. Seemed to me, then, that it was avast expanse of water, wide and deep, and terribly difficult to negotiate. Same as the river where I spent the majority of my time, a vast, unexplored land, full of adventure, but rather a small stream 40 years on.

Shit, I hope this is not the beginning of the end. Am I destined to live on memories alone now? Rocking back and forward in a chair - perhaps with a bit of drool decorating my cheek, reduced to living in the then, not now.

It could be that Reservoir Dogs was just such a great movie that it has stayed fresh in my mind. Better explanation.
a rare weekend
Yvonne away in New Zealand attending her parents 60th wedding anniversary, children having been deposited at fathers before she left, all was then well with the world.

Just the cat and I.

Some work to do both Saturday and Sunday - just enough to feel good when it was done, home to a dead silent house. Except the cat.

Monday started off the same. Getting a speed wobble around the time everyone was due home. By nightfall the world had returned to normal.

Amazing how much noise two children eating, watching television, surfing the net, and arguing can make. A cacophony of indescribable dimensions. Especially on the back of the silent weekend.

Children seem to be able to make noise even standing still - has anyone documented that yet - and, worse, they seem to be unable to talk in normal tone. More a pitched bellow, with a distinctly prepubescent lilt.

Doesn't matter too much - I got the best out of the weekend, and I can always lay back and reminisce.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Friday / new things
old things

Anything to be famous
Behold - the new Bloggercode. Do you know what I'm talking about? Maybe not. No matter; this is version 2 of a thing that was around a long time ago. Well, not a real long time ago - think 2002.

The idea is that you copy the code and put it in the decode box on and it will reward you with a synopsis of the code owner. None of it will turn out to be true, but it would be nice to think some people are reasonably honest.

B8 D- T- K-- S-- F I- O++ X-- E L- C+ Y3 R++ W+ P++ M5 N-- H

Why is this here, in the middle of a post that will disappear under the weight of next weeks ponderings? Should it not live proudly in the sidebar of the blog - there forever to scare the buggery out of people?

Yeh, probably, but I don't have time to fight my way through the Blogger template to put it there, along with the hours I will spend placing it 'just so', it will undoubtedly be too wide, too high, or clash with the other million badges and logos that exist there.

I just felt the need to whack it here - right in the middle of the page. A 15 minutes of fame thing. Something for you to stare at in awe. (?)

For Friday, because it is Friday here, I have to bring attention to a video that I stumbled across.

Go here and watch this guy, dead now, but so very alive when he did this.

I'm probably getting a bit old to try it, and we lack the high speed trains that I would use, but something about it has stuck rather badly because I have watched the bloody thing over and over.

I kinda hung up on the idea of taking a train ride like that. Seems to me it can't be that far off skydiving, the same feeling when you first swing out the door into the slipstream, and believe me that is a sensation worth experienceing at least once in a life time.

I think I am supposed to take the high moral ground here and point out to the kids that it is madness, but I just can't help but wonder how that would really feel...

Anyone knowing how that clamp device he uses is made, or where to buy one would be rewarded with a great deal of gratitude.

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After the rain came.

Rain and swimming and all things moist
Amazing. After so long we finally get a taste of what real rain would be like if we had it. Brilliant is the effect on the plant life about the place; everything green and lush - overnight.

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