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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the week

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Another week, funny how the just keep coming along like that.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

and then we had a phone that worked

finally the motorola is retired
And so ends two years of putting up with shit from a phone.

Savage bastard of a thing; I wanted a Razr from the minute I saw it - thin, big keys for a man with very average sight, big screen, camera, everything I wanted.

It would quit. Right when you really needed it to go. Eventually informing me that it was available for 'emergency calls only'. Made it difficult to keep in touch. Sometimes it held on to SMS messages for two days before it sent them, announcing the fact with a note of triumph.

Too much fucking about; will the phone work, will it quit when I need ti.

Down to the Telstra outlet, 'freshen up my phone'. A seriously shitty collection of phones. Can't do the deal.

Hutchison Telecoms owns '3'. '3' do good looking phones. Promise to let me keep my old phone number. Promise all sorts of things. Easily sold.

Nokia. Again. After two Motorolas. Back to what we started with.

N73; this Nokia for me. Carl Zeiss lens fronting a 3.2 megapixel camera. Preview screen of 2.4 inches, even I can see the thing.

Damn shame that it doesn't have a sliding keypad, but the camera seemed to be more important than the size of the keys. I suspect I may have to take off my glasses and get the thing up near my nose to send a text message.

It does what is says on the box. Nokia always manage that at least. Took me some considerable time to get the thing set up - address book from one to the other etc, but we seem to have managed it.

Still looking at the mighty N95 - with maps and stuff, but the plan was too much just now. Maybe when it comes down a bit.

But there's  [ more on the N73 ]  here. Should be enough to bore you silly.

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