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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Luna Park

time waster

A tome of stupendous scope. None of it relevant. The continuity of a mentally deficient terby.
The ultimate 'look at me, I can write anything and people will read it' novel.

Whom do I sue to recover the life I lost reading it? I am obviously being punished for past deeds.

opera and video

The thing is... 

Why, when I specifically stomp these things down to a more reasonable 320x240 size, does Google, and You Tube crank them up to some hideous proportions?

The week, as of yesterday anyway.


Now, all I have to do is get used to using Opera.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

bar code and phones

finally bar codes arrive

The problem
Two years ago, maybe more, faced with the drama of trying to tap in to a mobile phone 'keyboard' all the characters necessary for a URL would have rendered the site almost inaccessible to a mobile / cell phone.

The solution
The solution then, and now, is to encapsulate the information in to one 'image' and be able to scan that in to the phone memory. Bar codes. Naturally.

Japanese phones got into them first with the QR Code, a format for that could hold a URL, phone number, mailto address, etc. Well used and opening a whole new set of opportunity for everyone - adverts could carry the complete URL and other details - scan it into your trusty phone, no typing, no drama, instant connection.

The possibilities are endless; think sticker art, viral info—barcodes of sites, barcodes with geo coordinates, the stuff of Geo caching, treasure hunts. We ran with these ideas all that time ago—probably well before anyone had a phone capable of scanning the codes in—certainly in our case anyway. Put stickers, laminated business cards, you name it, we stuck it somewhere. Directions to various Urbex sites, several URLs, all ours, information everywhere.

This is Brisbane, Australia, home of the suspicious. Virtually no one managed to figure what we were doing. (Even with instructions clearly added.) 
European phones came next. Shotcode, a round format, doing all the same things. Need a reader? Download one from your friendly Shotcode site—at least 220 different models covered. Last seen on advertising for Vodafone, Heineken, and many other big companies. 

Dragging the chain, naturally, the USA, where finally someone managed a code called Semacode, easy to create a code, easy to read a code. (Unfortunately the bugger wouldn't work on my phone—a Nokia N73)
Enter phone manufacturers: in the only case worth looking at - Nokia. Nokia caught the bug and even set up a site where people can download the software and create codes.  Amazing—where were you people two years ago?

The future
Now, with new phone available that support the barcode idea we have to do it all over again I guess. Maybe Brisbane has staggered into the future enough to be able to handle it, maybe not. We can only try. The possibilities are endless, as before, but this time we may manage a bigger audience. 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

just another day

day start

The morning:
Yvonne gets up earlier than me. There's a reason.
Day care children. They arrive, one after the other, spreading germs, touching things, breaking things, arguing and yelling.
I leave it 30 minutes and get with the morning routine.
Then face the bastards.
Spring morning. Good weather or not I'm staying home. No biking. 50 kilometers yesterday means a day with none in between. Still sick from that damn flu. Don't want to hammer the chest too hard. Yet.

Day care child vomits all over kitchen floor. Twice. 

I don't like children at all. Not even Yvonne's two. All I see in children is a distinct lack of personal hygiene and a total selfishness that rivals my own. There are a few parents round these parts don't seem to be too concerned about the presentation of their children; proof exists in the grime infested clothes, the sour smell that follows them.

So, day care child vomits mightily on floor. Cat makes hasty exit, looking for 'dad', I rescue cat. Yvonne mopping floor, dry heaving.

It's a good look. I'm straight past the scene - into the office - already reading the news, checking the email, generally keeping well out of the way.
The morning.
They'll be gone soon and I will be still here enjoying the day.
Without them.
Vomit somewhere else you grubby little swine.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Friday then


Friday it is then. Storm clouds on the periphery indicate a possible afternoon storm—is good.
Bleach smell originating from mouse? Not possible;residue from frantic bleaching session earlier when things felt dirty. OCD, as you know. Bleach the only odour available these last few days with nose shut down due to seepage. Virus fought with and conquered. An epic battle involving all manner of drugs—naturally.
Weekend looms—work for me. All the better to keep out of the way of people and their germs.

Friday, September 07, 2007

plastic, plastic

Originally uploaded by Alex Buhl.

What, do you need an explanation?

Are you scared?

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Originally uploaded by cbvivi.

If you are an Asian lady who looks like the photo please be kind enough to contact me so I can throw myself at your feet.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And then the phone

and then we were mobile
is the latest URL for the latest site.

Fairly obvious we think, that it's a mobile site.
That'll be why it says 'mymobilesite'.
Nokia, as I remember, are doing the honours—via
the Nokia Web Server,
an application that will allow my phone
to be a server in an odd sort of way.

Does it work?
How would I know?
I just download the software.
In fact, that's all I did.
Forgot it was here.
Found it lurking in a dusty download folder,
the intention forgotton.

Looked it up again.
It seems it can send SMS from the PC
It can do more than that.
Connected, the phone and the PC
Images, memos, messages, and anything else
you can think of.

I remember now, being initially confused
and needing to study what it seemed to want to be.
As I said; A web server, using my mobile/cell,
for reasons I'm still not sure about.
All I know is that

is the URL which will invariably be 'offline',
because I haven't installed the software,
on my phone or my PC.
I had hoped to avoid all that,
but since I found it again...

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

airport toilets?

Wednesday and trauma
Senator Larry E. Craig of Idaho denies he committed any odd act,
but resigns just the same.
To the audible relief of his fellow lawmakers,
most of whom appear to be scared of splash
from the airport toilets.

The weather is pissing me off.
My mood and health have followed.
Grey to black today—a cold, the flu, some malaise that caused
a sore throat all night, and today the same, only more.
If weather had to be a location it would be the old East Berlin.
I'm inside, away from the vicious southerly wind deliberately with no capital;
it doesn't deserve the recognition.

Codeine is my friend today, hell everyday in fact,
but today there is a reasonable reason—cough mitigation
just as it says on the label.
Lozenges containing anti everything and then some, are attempting
to sooth my throat, numb my tongue, flood me with fixes.

I'm still inside looking out at the near gale; I beat it yesterday,
on my bike anyway, even if it took two attempts to gather the miles.
Getting rained on probably didn't help,
but this condition is bird flu.I am sure.
The lake, the one I ride around, full of birds,
hence bird flu no doubt.
A feathered killer arrived on the wind, and waited for me.
Passed on a load of fever, quick acting, how long have I got?

Favorite doctor tomorrow, not for this, but I will take it with me,
something to complain about.
Make myself heard. Doctor will advise a more modest lifestyle,
I will agree it would be a fine thing. But will remain unable to change
the pattern of obsession so carefully built up and into
over all these years.

At least I'm not a faggot Senator adamant that the 'wide stance'
is what got him into so much trouble in the toilet with a policeman.
Waving under the stall wall must be something to do with a wide stance.
Was he measuring the stance when he brushed his hands under?

A wide stance; a never before held discussion—how wide do you sit
for your intestinal completion?
Will there be a series of health books produced now,
incorporating the question of 'stance'?
I see a anal feature running in 'online health';
widen your stance for more bowel success, including photos and a CD.

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have we done this before?
I mean, really, have we mentioned, make that 'I', mentioned Stripgenerator before.
Must have. Would have. Needed to.
Do it. Make your own. Share them. Good idea.

Go here, do that.

Caution, wide strip following.

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